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A quick tour @ SPAMfighter Headquarter [PHOTOS]

As you probably know we, SPAMfighter, got it’s headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. SPAMfighters headquarter not located at a fancy address but it is quite cosy and we made it our own and we love it!

A quick tour around the office:

Supporters waiting for your mails or phone calls


The company fish tank – no phishing here please


 Awards & certifications – read a few more here


Our most important piece of hardware


Yes – we use cookies

Food – no spam here though


Something for every taste


Our gaming area

Gaming Area 15


It’s not Google but we’re happy and enjoy it every day.

Does your office have any perks?

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  1. Kristian R says:

    That looks awesome!

    My company has free tea+cofee only

  2. Halfdan Timm says:

    De nye lokaler ser skidegodt ud. Tillykke med dem!

  3. Christian B says:

    Fedt med nye lokaler. 🙂 Men det må da have været en fejl, at valget ikke faldt på Amager!

  4. Stort tillykke. Ja super flotte lokaler. Nice køleskab 🙂

  5. Kasper says:

    Det ser da rigtig fint ud – både hyggeligt og hjemmeligt 🙂

  6. Rosa says:

    Hvor ser det bare rigtigt fint ud. Især jeres køleskab. 🙂 Skål…

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