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The big (small) survey on Android Security and Gender [Infographic]

From time to time, we ask our users about computer security and computer usage issues by having them answering short surveys. Previously, we covered aggression and computers, but this time we have decided to take a look at Android phone security. Why you may ask? There has been a lot of public focus on generel Android security, Android devices and apps holding malware, and we have recently released our VIRUSfighter Android to fight such nasty malware and viruses on the Android platform.

So here goes a bit about the survey about Android security:  We mailed a targeted group amongst our user base and received a total of 970 usable answers back from people using an Android phone or tablet on a daily basis (thank you for participating by the way). The focus of the survey was to highlight differences between men and women regarding their usage of antivirus on Android devices and how they perceive the threats present.

We created the pretty Infographic below. Let us take a look at the survey’s findings in the and discuss some of the details on Android security.  We would also love to have your comments on this.

Android security Infographics

Here are some of the significant findings: It is pretty clear that more men are installing antivirus for Android than women. So men are more prone to address Android security. The same pattern is seen among users of Windows computers. Actually, both the 39% and 29%, for men and women respectively, are less than the antivirus usage rates on Windows computers.

We also asked men and women what they are using their Android smartphone / tablets for. We believe that is very relevant when accessing the risk of being hit by malware. Not really anything that caught our eyes though. As expected, women are using their phone for social media more than men whereas men are using their Android devices for surfing twice as much as women.

Both genders believe privacy is more important than antivirus software. Revisiting the question though, it is maybe not the best question to ask because privacy and antivirus are closely related. If you catch a virus and your credit card information is stolen, it is probably going to do severe harm to your privacy!

The participants in the survey are more concerned about antivirus infecting Windows compared to antivirus infecting Android, which seems to be logical. Although the number of malware is exploding for Android, the level of antivirus is still far below the number of infections for Windows.

Finally, we concluded the survey with a bit of an odd question: Is your TV and your geeky stuff more important than breakfast? Apparently, the computer is still our most beloved device in the household beating the neccesity for breakfast, but the daily cereal still beats smartphones and TV!

Feel free to share this with your friends if they are interested in Android security and let us hear your comments!

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