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Top AV and Phishing News February 2011

Phishing news

This month we have compiled a list of AV and spam news from our News feed. Some are on the list due to the traffic to these stories. Other we just find interesting and worth commenting.

It’s been quite a busy month here at SPAMfighter due to the global release of FULL-DISKfighter, but let’s have a look at the month in security. February 2011 has turned out the usual spam and AV stories but a few are worth a look. Also this month a quite special anniversary is to be celebrated. Let’s look at the stories now

The former queen of virus is actually celebrating her 10 years anniversary. The “Anna Kournikova” virus became one of the most covered viruses ever to hit a computer near you. The combination of spoofed links and a very popular celebrity the Anna Kuornikova virus was a sign of things to come. Read more about Ten Years of Virus Anna Kournikova.

The people at ESET does a round up of malware in 2010 and brings special attention to Bflient.k that manages to be in the top 10 threat list for several months. Read more about ESET Lists the Dominant E-Threats of 2010.

The Rustock botnet founded in 2006 and infamous for spreading “Canadian pharmacy spam” is one of the most prevalent botnets around. Now researchers turn their attention to another botnet called Bagle. Read more about Bagle Replaces Rustock to Become the Greatest Generator of Spam.

The Phishing attack against the company First Data is a nice example of that phishing attempts in 2011 will target payment systems in favour of the bank sector. Read more about New wave of Phishing E-mail Campaign Targeting ‘First Data’ Users.

Symantec reveals new sport related lottery scams and highlights the patterns of these attacks; they are often low in volume and typically related to the global sports events like World cup football. Read more about Fraudsters Executing Fresh E-mail Scams, Warns Symantec.

For all our news story in February 2011 look here: All February 2011 IT security.

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