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Top Ten Strange Names in Nigerian scams

explicit nigerian scams

Nigerian email scams are amongst the oldest tricks in the book. You have likely received emails from strange characters offering you US $50 million in return for assistance with a bank transfer or helping with safe passage of a dictator’s ex-wife. It’s pretty tempting to leave our jobs at SPAMfighter for a quick payout but we have managed to escape the lures these Nigerian scams so far.

As a company dedicated to fighting spam, we come across many variations of these mails, which are referred to as 419 scams named after Section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code.  They generally follow similar templates or themes, although we see creative ones from time to time, and are often funny or even comical in tone.  Besides the spelling and grammatical errors another thing that typically stands out are the hilarious names the scammer use.  In this post we look at the names of those individuals appearing in those nigerian scam mails. So here it is; the ultimate, the first, the best and the only top ten list of strange names in Nigerian scam mails.

1. I am Rev Father August Goodluck. by name, a diplomat by profession

2. I am Mr Kojo William Wood from the USA, i am 56 years

3. I will be known to you as John of Ark for now.

4. My name is Mr Tofil Bama, I am the Bill and Exchange…..

5. I am Mr Konta Tama , MANAGER AUDIT AND ACCOUNTANCY DEPARTMENT ,Bank of Africa in (Burkina Faso).

6. I am Mrs Zubaru Zalani one of the gold machant of the Libya’s First Lady Safia Farkash

7. I am Barr.David Newton Esq.,


9. Mr Alpha Campoare

10. Yours brother Mr.Bright Kofi

What do you think? Are you also a great admirer of the name Rev Father August Goodluck or have you received any scams lately with even more interesting names? Let us know in the comments below.

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