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Top Ten Strange Names in Nigerian scams

explicit nigerian scams

Nigerian email scams are amongst the oldest tricks in the book. You have likely received emails from strange characters offering you US $50 million in return for assistance with a bank transfer or helping with safe passage of a dictator’s ex-wife. It’s pretty tempting to leave our jobs at SPAMfighter for a quick payout but we have managed to escape the lures these Nigerian scams so far.

As a company dedicated to fighting spam, we come across many variations of these mails, which are referred to as 419 scams named after Section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code.  They generally follow similar templates or themes, although we see creative ones from time to time, and are often funny or even comical in tone.  Besides the spelling and grammatical errors another thing that typically stands out are the hilarious names the scammer use.  In this post we look at the names of those individuals appearing in those nigerian scam mails. So here it is; the ultimate, the first, the best and the only top ten list of strange names in Nigerian scam mails.

1. I am Rev Father August Goodluck. by name, a diplomat by profession

2. I am Mr Kojo William Wood from the USA, i am 56 years

3. I will be known to you as John of Ark for now.

4. My name is Mr Tofil Bama, I am the Bill and Exchange…..

5. I am Mr Konta Tama , MANAGER AUDIT AND ACCOUNTANCY DEPARTMENT ,Bank of Africa in (Burkina Faso).

6. I am Mrs Zubaru Zalani one of the gold machant of the Libya’s First Lady Safia Farkash

7. I am Barr.David Newton Esq.,


9. Mr Alpha Campoare

10. Yours brother Mr.Bright Kofi

What do you think? Are you also a great admirer of the name Rev Father August Goodluck or have you received any scams lately with even more interesting names? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Rev Father August Goodluck <— That is really funny! Great post!!

  2. lisa says:

    LOL I have seen about half of those in several of my email accounts, what I cannot understand is how some people get sucked into these letters.

  3. Gregg says:

    I got one today that was titled Your Inheritance Compensation Fund from Mr. Mpoyo. Of course they needed to deposit this inheritance compensation fund into my bank account and needed my bank account info to do it! And apparently a relatively had passed away leaving this inheritance, a relative I never knew I had. I’m with the other commenter… how do people fall for these???

  4. Ben Harvey says:

    I have seen some of these, Also a few from the Prince of Nigeria, kinda sad they resort to scamming people, it has basically destroyed the reputation of the whole Country.

  5. Tim says:

    I did a mail search and found MADAM UKA KABORE. Apparently she had quite the deal for me. If I would have read that email I would have had enough money to buy my mom an island for Christmas. Nice Post!

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  7. Chris says:

    Its funny, i got one from a “South African girl” who said she was in love with me and wanted to marry me whose father had just died leaving her 6 million dollars inheritance but said she needed money from me for a plane ticket to the US…but wait, dont you have 6 million dollars? morons

  8. Patrick says:

    So funny names, really impressive but they are wrong by the way. Coming most of the time from scammers. What I can’t understand is how can people be armed with evil intent to perform tasks rather unhealthy. Every day we meet this kind of names from emails we receive . But i am always asking a question and never get the right answer. Is there someone behind this network or there is a group of scammers that are acting without being punished . The image of Nigeria is tarnished by the actors. Many people were fallen in this ugly game and we must stop them but it will not be easy because it seems that there is a wide group around the internet.

  9. Charmein says:

    I received an email from one man whose name was Jonathan,then Walton James,then Anthony whale and they all claimed to be successful business men from various countries but was stuck in Nigeria because of some bad business deals,what I could not understand though is if these guys are business men why would they ask for money,and guess what one of them was brave enough to request my bank account number but I bluntly refused to give him the information,it was then he became very abusive.However people just beware of the wasteless /lazy dogs and bitches

  10. Paulingo says:

    It really funny. But Nigerians hardly fall to that.

  11. Mason Table says:

    I too have received such emails. One of which I remember was from a person named GOGO Yunk.
    Apparently, he seemed to have lost his father in a road accident who was a business man and inherited a whooping 6 million dollars property. He mailed me asking for my bank details to which he would transfer some amount. Doesn’t it sound so weird!

  12. Habilitation Electrique Lyon says:

    These names sound interesting.

    Though this has been an old modus of the crooks, but even today it has been going on. Recently a lady got duped to a tune of $20,000 in such scam. Eventually when she came to know that she was fooled she started finding out preys for herself and ultimately landed in the jail.

    I feel one should be very careful about sending their personal and banks details no matter if any one is ready to send hundreds or millions of dollars.


  13. Riley Lopez says:

    These names are really very funny and nerd. The sad part is many people fall prey to it and end up losing a large amount of their hard earned money. Please make sure you do not reveal your address and bank details to any unknown persons.

  14. We regularly get contact form spam but had to laugh last week when the sender was a Mr A. Hopatunitie. Lol, some kind of creative subliminal message here?

  15. Judith Cary says:

    I was introduced to a nice-looking guy on facebook from Dublin,Ireland,by the name of Robin Chantler. He is caucasian,has two blue-eyed blonde little kids,I found out that,It turned out to be some Black guy with a African,or Haitian accent.He certaintly knew how to charm me.I would still like to meet the person in the picture with the two cute kids.Though I don’t know what the REAL DEAL is.Or whether he is for real or not.Or if he even exists.Or married,IN that case,I don’t want anything to do with a married man.

  16. bryan says:

    just wondering if any one has been hit up by a so called amercian girl in south africa name christina clark if so please let me no thank you

  17. I got one just today from Mr. Ubong Nwalozie.

  18. elizabeth says:

    I too received a picture of a nice looking guy 30ish with two beautiful children that looked nothing like him. However he was the father. He just wasn’t the one sending the friend request. Found out who he wasn’t when my instinct kicked in and I did some investigating. The scammer screwed up when he used a different version of the real guys name but I still don’t know who the real scammer is but he has a heavy accent as well. Heis very talented with lots of charm. Probably wouldn’t think that if I saw the real deal.

  19. Hi Elizabeth

    Thank you for writing. When in doubt it’s always better to investigate as you did. They are sometimes very good at what they do and deception is what they are best at.

  20. Michael unadike says:

    So many scammers all over the world… Nt just nigeria…. Nd in nigeria… We hv alot of Good and hardworking peeps who got ntn to do with scam … dont be foolish to fall for the illiterate ones. … Sometimes its greed that makes people victims.

  21. Please help me to verify if thge funds on my name is real or not as I have paid a lot of money already.I am looking for somebody who can verify it for me.Thanks a lot.Marius

  22. Nyebodnye says:

    The ones I hate are the ‘I was on holiday and got mugged and lost all my money and credit cards and phone, luckily I still have my passport. I need to pay the hotel bill before I can leave’ scams where they try and get you to send them money using Western Union.
    They phish an email address then email this to everyone in the persons address book, and the reply address is slightly off – maybe a different domain, AOL instead of BT, using lower case RN inead of M in the email address, 1 instead of L. Scum of the earth.

    Oh and Marius, I hope you’re joking. You are never going to see any money.

  23. betty says:

    Hai to the scammers. The world is full of scammers. I’ve got a friend request from a good looking 50 something white male from LA and i accepted his request. I live in Italy and we have a mutual friend on Facebook. We used messenger to communicate and he told me that he lost his loving wife in a fatal car crash in New York. He was a construction contractor and was looking for a down to earth and loving woman to spend his time. He told me that he was an american but was brought up in Denmark and his accent is little wired due to his upbringing in Europe. His profile picture was a charming male with a good energy. He knew how to win woman who are lonely and single. But his promises were too good to be true. So i did an online check on the State Board of Contractors of California and his name Gregory A dudley wasn’t there. Then i knew it is a scam. But i played along.
    He told me that he was going to Malaysia to a contract of 1.8 million and will come to meet me in Italy after this work. He wrote me that he was in his work site and then poof….His tractor was not working and he needed to order some parts of the tractor from China. He had some talks with some professional engineers and they need some cash to fix the problem of the tractor to continue his job. They have asked a total sum of 93,000 dollars for the tractor repair and he was able to round up a total sum of 87,000. He have invested a total sum of 550,000 dollars on this job and he need from a me an urgent loan of 5,500 dollars. He wrote me that he will repay me every cent including interest, and even double it for me. It was a very big letter and he was pleading in knee. i asked for his registration and then he never replied me. I cut ties and he deleted his profile. The moral of the story is scammers are everywhere and they are evolving. Be careful and open our eyes.

  24. 747 says:

    Anyone get an Email from this person? He is a Nigerian Banker.

    Ugiv Medamony

  25. Lucia says:

    do you have any body by Peter Ogberor or Peter Amangbo or DR.Jean Betty Fulton

  26. Miss P says:

    Miss. P
    Please be careful of these Nigerians They will do and say anything to leave there Country and make Money for there wife and kids that are in Nigeria ,And tell you they don’t have a wife and kids which are all lies and I found out all about this by searching the web going through his friends photos .
    right before he was to get a visa to come here and we were to be Married name(Ayoola Babatunde Samson Joshua) Cannary20cent@yahoo Phones numbers 011)2348050659081, 2348034979548, 2348070589765. He is a scammer trying to get a visa be informed and be aware.

  27. Diana says:

    I advertised a brandnew phone here in SA and 2 persons wanted to buy it for their cousin in West Africa(Nigeria).They ask me to open a PAYPAL account and give my bank details so that they can deposit the money for me in my account.Must i ignore it or what must i do.

  28. mohammed says:

    I learnt there is a new system of scam .somebody will send a recharge card to you and claim you should send it back to him because it is a mistake.Does anybody have info on it?

  29. Sandra Balcom says:

    Is the name Timothy Ballack been reported before…claims he’s an engineer working in Nigeria. .but lives in Atlanta Georgia. .was raised by his uncle and schooled in other countries for top notched education…


    can you please tell any of these are scammers EZE KINGSLEY, LINA OBI ,JAMES COLBES , PHILLP ROBERSON

  31. Cele3thehacker3 says:

    An Indian scammer fell for a Mr. Jack Meoff. He was doing tech support on my computer, so when he asked for my name (he told me to type it in notepad), I typed that in and laughed so hard.

  32. Pat boor says:

    He said he had a box that Raymond chandler has sent me i have talk to him he is a peace makers in the army in Nigeria and i have already sent them 2000 dollars for the box please help me and the shipping address is Moorad shipping

  33. A man named Billy Hardcastle, his friend Henry Fagunson, a man named Terry Lavelle, all claim to work for Mobil company. Billy asking for money, his wife is dead, his child has malaria. It goes on & on. All Tried to scam me. It is a group working together to scam money! A Jason Miller and same picture different name calls himself Walter and a Henry James a soldier he claims in Kabuel. Never gave me API address. Gets angry if you do not send money, very angry person. Keeps, coming back. A Michael Rotziner also a fake & into money. Never sent money to these men, than they go away & try to reinvent themselves & come back at you. Thomas James is now bothering me on Facebook. It seems endless. ! There e.verywmhere these creeps. !

  34. Karen says:

    It seems like every site I use l end up with the same old creeps . They are all widows but overseas in the Military. Ask them a few ????’ss about the military and really tick them off. Just be careful out there you never know what you’re getting.

  35. B.L. says:

    My friend fell for it and the person’s name was Peter Iven he indicated he lived in Miami but working in Nigeria he said he has 2 girls ages 12 and 9 and one was in hospital and he didn’t want her to die then that is when money was being sent. he has 3 numbers 469-614-0102 and 214-612-3861 and 972-472-0132 he promised her the world. She found him on the POF single site. The worse part she tried to get help from Marcus the owner of POF but he never did answer her. He scammed her over 14,000 thousand dollars.

  36. Hi how about the name of george greene or bose wenzel jademi are they scam persons

  37. Pipay says:

    Is there a report about a US Army guy who is now deployed in West Africa name ANONSEN SCHAAP? Lives in Bethany, New York.. please inform me about this.. thank you!

  38. Bala Sam says:

    Hello friends,
    My name isn’t really BALA SAM, i chose to use the name Bala Sam because i dont want to be traced by the Nigerian Scammers.
    I am a boy from Nigeria.
    In some part of Nigeria scamming is like a job to some stupid villagers. They are not scared of the police because SOME of the police get a huge bribes from them. Scammers buy big cars and build big houses and some young boys goes to them, begging to be trained to become a scammer in future.

    There is a group of police which our government call them SARS (they are like the FBI in your country)
    The SARS are suppose to get any scammer arrested but many times they come around with big guns, they catch many of them and take them away and after some hours they release the boys again after collecting a huge amount of bribe from them. I wish i was working for the government, i could fish them out one by one.

    I want to be of help to you Americans, i get angry whenever they drove by with big cars and beautiful girls. I want to be rich too but i dont want to scam anyone to get rich while they shade tears.

    I can help u find some scammers Names, Pictures and Home address. If you wish. And if you wish to help me financially, it will be my happiness, and joy will fill up my mind then i can be strong enough to get you more information about any one you want to trace or know more about in my country.

    $1 = N305.643

    If i have $3 i can eat and eat very much for a whole day
    305.643 x 3 = N916.929
    with this amount of money, i can afford a T-shirt in Nigeria.

    If a Nigerian get $5000 from you, he is a millionaire
    N305.643 x $5000 = N1,528,215 With this amount he can buy a big car and still have enough cash left.

    Thank you!

  39. LOU RINALDO says:


  40. LOU RINALDO says:


  41. Hi,I log on to your new stuff named “Top Ten Strange Names in Nigerian scams” daily.Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about proxy free list.

  42. dont listen to scammers says:

    don’t be a fool.
    evey Nigerian ain’t a scammer.

    if u guyz come here u may scam more Dan them.
    don’t fall for scammers.

    keep ur money

    its condition DAT caused crayfish to bend.


  43. Jubster says:

    Hiya I was stupid enough to be caught by a mindless scammer luckily South Wales poilce force took action after a desperate phone call from myself now iam dedicalting my time to expose these skip rats and already found a very interesting street in Lagos city named as PEPPLE STREET NUMBER 10 & 12 OF VERY INTERESTING LINK TO FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY .anyone know the postman on this street 23401 or even better doknow the occupiers I want to expose this street because it makes coronation street look like a Disney film, let’s expose Kenya’s vomit of society let’s name and shame these virmin and place on the Google map anyone with any information on the following street or know anything phone numbers let’s make it as difficult for these rats to breed lets go to war with these sick invidals that benefit from our miseries I would love to set up an inpendant page for the people affected by this crime LETS DROP DAISY CUTTERS ON THESE GUYS HIDING IN THERE CAVES LETS ERADICATE…

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