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What if Steve Jobs had went for something else than ‘Apple Computers’?

Having recently launched our debut product FULL-DISKfighter MAC for the Mac App Store we’ve naturally spent a lot of time checking out the the Mac marketplace and Apple products.  Sitting in one of those pleasant combined cafe and bookstores a few days ago I had the opportunity to read a bit about Steve Jobs in a book that was lying around. I am pretty sure it was the acclaimed book by Walter Isaacson but anyway one thing that struck me was how Steve Jobs came around to the name “Apple Computers”.  Apparently he had went to an apple farm and really liked the idea of combining a word meaning something native and natural like Apples with something which (at that time) was techy and very modern. “Apple Computer” (now only “Apple” btw.) is definitely a great name but I kept wondering whether other fruit related company names would have been equally as successful? So our graphics guys came up with these suggestions for alternative names should Apple ever consider reverting to the old colorful style.

So what do you think? Any other fruit related names that might successfully be the start of another multi-billion-gazillion company? Lets hear your voice in the comments!

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