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What if your Computer had its own Facebook Profile?

We’ve been hearing strange stories that some people actually create Facebook profiles for their cats & dogs. Let’s hold that thought and assume that your kitchen sink or your trusted computer had a Facebook profile as well.  It’s not so crazy of a thought since computers frequently interact with other computers over the Internet, and  much like real life, and facebook for that matter, some of these interactions are friendly while others aren’t. Our designers came up with the following simulation of what your computer’s Facebook news feed might look like.

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  1. cindy46 says:

    If my computer was to be a real soul, like me then I’d have to say, it would be a friendly,comfortable and an inside version of myself also.With that, I truely believe that FOR MYSELF ANYWAY, the amount of loneliness,inferiority feelings that only come out, is when other “PCs,are around.On the lighter side of my PC, it makes everyone around feel, and look, as though all is great!With it’s big open smile.

  2. Rebecca Fyfe says:

    My computer is a pain the the butt, constantly having issues and conflicts and overheating. If it had its own FB page it would wind up banned as a troll. lol!

  3. Joseph says:

    Supposing my computer was real or for that matter behaved like a human being than I would have asked all the computer queries to my PC itself and would have learned it inside out and by now I would have become an expert. Moreover I would have also uploaded some of me and my computers pictures together like buddies on my profile. Just cannot control laughing while visualizing the whole scenario.

  4. Dawn Strobel says:

    If my computer was a human being I would rather ask him to handle even my face book account. I just keep playing games on face book. Currently I am working on farm ville. I just cannot sit 24/7 with my computer. And only because of this I at times even destroy all the crops I grow on my farm. I would rather delegate all my work to my computer and relax.

  5. The profile uploaded above is just amazing. Specially check out the right side of the profile. It says that Virus and has poked the computer on its profile. LOL this is so funny. I am wondering if even my computer was a human, then it wouldn’t have even let me login to my profile. He would have been chatting with his other computer friends.

  6. Thank God that it’s just an imagination or else life would be so bad. If my computer had its own face book profile then it would not let me access my account and rather login its own for the whole day and chit chat on face book group chat with all its other computer friends. The case would be the same with my other friends as well.

  7. Bianca says:

    Computers are the invention of human being. Making them behave like humans is also in the hands of the big techie’s. Supposing if computer’s ever start behaving like human being and also have their profiles on face book then I would better request my computer to keep updating its status with all the new inventions made to them so that we don’t have to literally buy all the technology related magazines to know the latest updates on computers.

  8. Jack says:

    Computers if become and behave like human beings then we would be defeated badly. Computers are made smart enough with all the programming languages. If in case of any issues in the programming languages or even if we get any errors then it would not be a mess for us as the computer itself will show us where exactly we have done wrong. So I think computers will become like one of our good friends in the coming days if this ever happens.

  9. Jenny says:

    I am a computer illiterate and I don’t really know how computer’s work. But yes I know the basics of computers. I my computer ever behaves like a human being, I would rather ask him to teach me what he is all about and what are the software’s and what kind of programming language that is used to operate him. Instead of joining some classes, I would rather ask him to teach me everything.

  10. Jack says:

    If computers would have their own profiles on face book than it would be fun to check out the latest updates and also every computer would update the other computer friends about the latest software’s that were downloaded or installed in them. If this was true then even we as human being would have got to know about the current trends in the industry even before reading a newspaper or a magazine.

  11. Richard says:

    I like playing Farm ville on face book. I stay online only because I keep participating in many contests also. I am addicted to face book. I will surely kill my computer if he does not allow me to login to my face book account. But if I kill him then I won’t be able to play Farmville on it. What do I do now?

  12. Oliver says:

    I wonder how life would be if our computer had its own face book profile. Also if it was really a human being than I am very sure that my mom would have tried to find out with whom do I keep chatting day and night and who all are my close friends. Thank God it’s not real or else my life would have become miserable.

  13. John says:

    I wonder where all such ideas come from. One more blog that I read was on whether can you name your new born as face book and now not again! How is it possible? How can a computer be alive on this earth and have its own face book profile? Even if it is alive on this earth there are a lot of other things that a computer would be asked to do instead of wasting time over face book.

  14. Dave says:

    That is an interesting thought. Thanks for the post.

  15. Doug Perry says:

    Of course, now I think this is the only thing left in the world. You can just wait for your computer to now become a human being soon and start being active on face book. That sounds funny! I mean to say how can a computer have its own face book profile? Even if there are profiles how would they name themselves? Will those be on the basis of the IP addresses?

  16. Oliver says:

    Face Book is a common thing these days. If ever my computer was alive and had any face book profile than he would have surely understood how many friends and girl friend I have and then he would have surely shared all my secrets with my mom as even she is a computer freak and uses the computer whenever she is ideal and the computer is vacant.

  17. Bail Bonds San Diego says:

    Any platform online with that many daily users is bound to have a load of malicious people on it. Sadly, most users online are fairly ill informed of such attempts to get their personal information. Good post, thanks for it.

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