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What is a Registry Cleaner?

A lot of people use registry cleaners without even knowing.registry cleaner icon
Our very own SLOW-PCfighter is a registry cleaner and over 24 million PC users have already tried it.

But most of those users have no idea (and probably don’t care) how it works. But for those of you who might want to dig a little deeper, we’ve made this little easy to read post.

The Windows Registry

Basically registry cleaners remove unnecessary entries in the Windows Registry. Most registry entries that are removed are those pointing to files that no longer are there.

The Windows Registry holds a lot of information about every little detail about your computer and where programs are stored and much more.

Especially older computers will have A LOT of clutter in the Windows Registry making it harder for the computer to easily access and process.

With thousands and thousands of these entries it can seem like an impossible task to clear out these files.

Here’s a screenshot of just 1 little program’s registry which holds over 100 entries.

 Windows Registry

99% of people will NEVER begin to mess with these things manually. Do you even know how to access this registry? (hint: Click “Start” button and search for “regedit”).

But if a clean and organized Windows Registry is so important to speed up a PC what is one to do?

The smart reader will of course remember that the title of this post is “What is a Registry Cleaner”.

SLOW-PCfighter Registry Cleaner

One of our software masterpieces is SLOW-PCfighter which even a new PC user can easily use. SLOW-PCfighter will scan your entire system in minutes and provide a simple list of errors found in the registry

Here’s a screenshot of it beginning a scan:

slow-pcfighter screenshot

As you can see it searches and detects 14 different type of errors and afterwards automatically deletes these errors with the push of a button

Previously we have written about the 6 most common causes of Windows Registry errors which is worth a read if you have further questions.

Registry cleaner cost a small amount of money but the amount of time saved and irritation avoided will make this a no-brainer.

If you’re looking for other ways to speed up your PC we wrote the post Top 6 Ways to Speed up your PC which with guarantee will give you a faster computer.

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