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Windows 8 Drivers Need an Upgrade right from the Start

Windows 8

Unless you have been away on holiday or stayed in a cave somewhere you are bound to have heard about the release of the much anticipated Windows 8 operating system. Yes, the new Microsoft operating system which they have named the most important Windows operating system upgrade ever. Supposedly it should be the best since sliced bread but let’s try it for some time before we hand out that generous verdict!

Anyway, we are off very busy here upgrading our offerings and making them avaiable for Windows 8. The new operating system and especially the metro interface represents some challenges to the software industry and of cource also for us. 

One thing struck us during testing Windows 8 on several of our computers. After the upgrade from Windows XP or Windows 7 we noticed that Windows 8 drivers used on the newly upgraded PC were somewhat old and not the ones we had before.  This is completely unscientific but on 5 of our test PC’s being upgraded to Windows 8 the number of outdated Windows 8 drivers were 15!

So if you choose the very nice priced offers for upgrading to Windows 8 then be prepared that it may come with a bunch of Windows 8 drivers that very well can be rather old!

Based on Google trends statistics interest for Windows 8 drivers definately seems to be taking off already. Here you can see how many people search for Windows drivers for each operating system and it seems that only a week after the official release of Windows 8 the number of searches for Windows 8 drivers have already beaten searches for Windows Vista drivers:



Why actually upgrade Windows 8 drivers?

Using old drivers are rarely a good idea. PC and device manufacturers release new drivers frequently and for a new operating system like Windows 8 there are bound to come a lot of Windows 8 drivers. Not sure we have to mention this but new drivers offers new features, better performance and sometimes correct errors in existing drivers.

So how to upgrade these Windows 8 drivers?

Here comes the section with shameless self-promotion. There are actually two cources of action for updating drivers. You can manually check all your device drivers and look for new Windows 8 drivers or you can have a go at our DRIVERfighter. DRIVERfighter seeks out all outdated drivers and checks for new Windows 8 drivers.

DRIVERfighter at work

Here is a great example of the power of DRIVERfighter on a brand new computer

How do you feel about Windows 8? Happy or disappointed? Any driver issues? Let’s hear your voice in the comments!


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