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‘Angry Birds’ Website Hacked

Considered as the most rampant and popular game, Angry Birds became the latest lure used by hackers to circulate malware.

Needless to say online success attracts online hackers as well. A famous website selling “Angry Birds” gets hacked and loaded with malware, as per the reports by MALWARECITY.COM.


Scammers rigged an online shop which sells “Angry Birds” merchandise with harmful software and installable files. Items like “Angry Birds Rubber Squeeze Toy” or an “Angry Birds Logo Home Button Sticker for iPad,” were embedded with malicious software that would hit users’ smartphones and computers, if they are bought.

BitDefender Researchers claimed that they discovered the threat. Although they did not mention which website was hacked, but the company stated that the site’s administrators quickly removed it after they were informed.

However, it is estimated that following the installment of the application for almost 200 Million times, users must have supposedly spend about 200 Million Minutes, each day, launching birds through the air, triggering the powerful and Mighty Eagle, and killing pigs.

Thus, hackers have become more creative in their approach. As per the company, they are not tackling any malware that imitates this famous application, but with a different type of e-threat. They hacked an online shop which sells different Angry Birds souvenirs and installed the site with malware.

BitDefender claims that hackers often target popular websites. Angry Birds have become quite popular game with children as well as with adults. Since the customers don’t have any direct one click malware exposure, the cyber crooks will hit the official site of this game. Whenever the user installs the game, the harmful software will automatically be downloaded in the user’s system.

Further, in a latest survey conducted on the 2nd week of September 2011, around six dozen samples of attractive Flash games were affected with Trojans were found.  These Trojans had the capability to steal all financial information of the users and can even inject spyware onto the system.

But, BitDefender cautions users against these malware infections. In conclusion, in order to safeguard computers, security experts recommend netizens to use legitimate anti-virus software. Experts have also suggested that to combat all kinds of security threats, it is better to maintain extra cautious while clicking any dubious sites.

Do you play Angry Birds?

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