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HTC Data Logging Vulnerability

It’s not been a good year for Android security, with malware on the rise, and potential security holes flowing thick and fast.

So when it is further announced that HTC has updated some of its devices with data logging capabilities, and that just about any app can get access to this data, one has to wonder if everyone is taking data security seriously.

Of course, data security is hard. And getting it right is harder still, but it is unlikely that this kind of incident will be filling corporate IT departments with the kind of confidence that they need to allow these devices on corporate networks

The incident was reported to HTC a week ago, with no public response until the vulnerability went public.

HTC has still not made a patch or update available to fix this issue.

Meantime, until the issue is fixed, we strongly recommend taking extreme care what data you allow on to your HTC Smartphone device.

We’ll update this article when the problem is known to be fixed.

Currently known affected hardware: EVO 3D, EVO 4G, and Thunderbolt devices, and possibly others.

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