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The Java Security Problem

Java Security HoleJava is used on millions of machines like PC, Mac and Linux and is a programming language and platform used for a wide variety of programs, games and other applications.

Unfortunately not everything is working perfectly and bigger and bigger problems are evolving.

850 million people worldwide use Java according to Oracle making it one of the worlds biggest programming languages (and you are almost without a doubt a user).

Big Java security hole

Recently one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities was discovered by the the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and they promptly encouraged everyone to disable or uninstall the latest java software

This is not the first time Java has been accused of being compromised and Oracle has often been accused of not properly updating and securing Java after it acquired it from Sun Microsystems in 2009.

The Update

Oracle rushed out an update and just fixed 50 vulnerabilities in their latest update, which should fix most of the issues they have been having. The question is, will they improve how they operate to stop this from happening again?

Always keep your software up to date. You do not need to be a computer expert to realize this is a good idea. Not only will the software have the latest features and safety settings but will in most instances improve overall speed and stability.

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