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Just Been Hacked – the Bad, the Just Terrible and Finally the Good

There is something that always puzzles us here at SPAMfighter. For some reason, a large percentage of computer users do not utilize anti-virus or anti-spyware programs – up to 50% of computer users in the U.S. are not protected.

Why don’t they use anti-virus software? Some people claim that anti-virus programs slow their PC’s down to a crawl. Others simply disregard any danger and prefer to live on the edge. But surprise, surprise – hacking is a real threat. Look what we found just doing some simple searches on Twitter:

 The Bad:

The Terrible:

The Good:

We saved the best for last. It is actually possible to be hacked in a good way. Congrats to this fella!

Have you ever been hacked or had your identity stolen? Let us know in the comments.

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