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The Password usage survey to end them all [Infographics]!

In our continous efforts to save the world and uncover the secrets of computer usage we now turn our attention to our recent password usage survey which reveals some interesting details about the usage of passwords such as how people manage them, how often they change them and the forgetfullness that seems to be a major part of using passwords!

For our new readers this isn’t the first time we’ve surveyed our SPAMfighter community. Previously we dwelved into Android security with a nifty Android security survey.  We also took a look at aggressions and computers and also investigated reasons for slow PCs. Anyways, back to the password study.  We had around 2.800 participants and are once again we are very happy with the turnout. Let’s look at the stunning Infographic that our creative team put together and discuss the findings.

 The Password usage survey to end them all! 

Some of the findings from the Password usage survey:

76% have forgotten  a password 2-10 times while others seem to forget passwords all the time. Now that is hardly surprising; we are only humans after all. What is a bit surprising though is that more than 60% never change their passwords at all or only do so when an app or site is asking them to. With all the focus on exposed passwords during 2012, e.g. the Yahoo voice hacking, the exposing of passwords at Twitter, and the 6.5 million exposed LinkedIn passwords, you would assume that more people are now updating their passwords on a regular basis!

40% of survey participants in the password usage survey are trusting their memory to keep track of passwords and almost as many use paper to store passwords on. While we don’t recommend the latter as your accounts are vulnerable to anyone who comes across the papers, the first solution also comes with a price; 64% of participants reuse the same passwords across all their accounts, which is also a dangerous strategy for maintaining the security of your online accounts. If hackers get a hold of your password for one service you are at risk of getting your account hacked everywhere else!

Luckily 55% use what they refer to as a complex password which is highly recommended. Don’t use the name of our dog or other easy to remember passwords such as “1234”, “qwerty” or even “password”.  In addition, 60% of survey participants state that they are a bit concerned with the latest incidents of hacking and security breaches involving the exposure of passwords. What do you think here? If you are among those using insecure passwords or struggling to keep track of 15+ passwords you might have a look at a password manager.

Anyway, Let’s here your voice in the comments regarding the password usage survey

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