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5 reasons why Trojan are such dangerous threats

Trojans are a very special form of malicious software that are designed to destroy your system files as opposed to Worm attacks which are designed to annoy  you with pop ups or file duplication. Trojans tend to take the form of legitimate software packages and it’s typically too late by the time you find out you’ve been affected.   Here are 5 reasons to stay clear:

  1. They steal your identity. Keyloggers  are forms of Trojans. What they do is keep a record of whatever you strike on your keyboard. By doing so, it very likely that your  username and password for various sites will be captured compromising your accounts by giving the attacker access.  This is called identity theft and once your identity is stolen the attacker can personate you and harm your reputation. For instance, the attacker might send malicious URLs to your friends via email or social networks in order to get them infected as well.
  2. TrojanThey can manipulate your requests. The man in the browser attack uses a Trojan to complete the attack. This type of attack is very popular especially in the banking sector where there are a lot of monetary transactions. The trojan will manipulate the total amount and destination account after the user confirms the transaction.
  3. They make you a part of their big project. Trojans are also used by hackers to perform DDOS attacks. DDOS attacks are a form of attack where the victim is flooded with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of traffic connections until the server is unable to handle the load and goes offline or is forced to disable security features. This does not mean that those DDOS hackers will invest into buying millions of computer to do so, rather they plant Trojans into your computer and make you their DDOS minions. Indirectly, you are part of their big project.
  4. They are difficult to detect. Unlike most computer threats, Trojans are much harder to detect and sometimes can’t be detected at all. They lie dormant for the most part only waking when there is something important for them to do. For example, Keyloggers will not log your keystrokes all the time but will only start logging them when you access an online banking or other secure site.
  5. They can gain control of your computer. Trojans allow hackers to take control over the victim’s computer allowing them to take pictures using their web cam, disable the mouse, keyboard or even restart the computer.

Trojan should not be taken lightly. You should at least get yourself an antivirus solution and scan your computer frequently to avoid such venomous infection.


About the Author: Alan Tay is a software engineer who specializes in digital security. He is also the author who runs IT Security Column, a IT Security blog where he mostly writes about computer security tips and security software reviews.

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  1. Dominic says:

    This article stresses why it is so important to keep your computer clean of malware and spyware. I have had many friends have their email account hacked due to a virus or malware. This seems minor considering that a financial account could be hacked almost as easily with an unfriendly keylogger on your PC.

  2. Ida says:

    Last weekend a friend of mine had a visit by one of these Trojans and in a few hours it completely took control over his pc. He couldn´t go online or anything else and finally had to pay a pro to get it cleaned. It really warned me that you have to be prepared to fight of these kind of programs.

  3. Barry Zett says:

    Many of the mail servers out there are not as intelligent as they could be. People would be more able to detect email scams and threats if critical information is provided to them by their mail server software.

    The headers of incoming emails contain these elements:
    – from_address, a corresponding from_name
    – a to_address (if the email is addressed to you, someone else or “undisclosed recipients”
    – a reply_to_address
    – reply_to_name
    – a return_path_address
    – the name and IP address of the Sending Server

    A good mail server will detect the majority of the scams as they arrive – even before an email gets placed into you in-box, and take action on it.
    This lightens the load for your computer.

    Some servers will only assign a pending_score, while other servers will flat-out block the obvious threats… or give you the power to adjust the Level Control.

    If another person who sits at your computer isn’t as preceptive as you are, make an effort to protect the computer as best you can.

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    Reading PA USA

  4. Laust says:

    Right now in Denmark a trojan is threatening the security of the online banking industry, which seemed to forget that there are people out there doing anything for money. That everything is online now, makes the entire infrastructure vulnerable to this kind of attacks, just see Estonia a couple of years ago.

  5. nitinghij says:

    hi, nice information about 5 reasons why Trojan are such dangerous threats, mail server will detect the majority of the scams as they arrive even before an email gets placed into you inbox and take action on it. this is very helpful to me.


  6. Patrick says:

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  7. Laila says:

    2 weeks ago my own mother got infected by thousands of virus. I think it was a trojan she was hit by, which then downloaded the all the other.

    She couldn’t use her PC at all, and a complete system restore was needed, which she hired a professionel to do. She just got her PC back and now it’s working fine again, but all data is lost 🙁

    Now she’s going to secure his PC the best way 🙂

  8. Micelletn says:

    Help, my computer has a trojan but i don’t knoe what to do??

  9. Ivan Wood says:

    I got a pop up claiming to be Microsoft support saying my computer was infested, I got so scared as there was a message playing through the speakers as well and it seemed legit so I put in my Microsoft account but it didn’t seem to accept it and then I also phoned the number there but they didn’t help and it was like a confirmed fake number, I’m so annoyed because I think nothing would have happened if I just ignored it. I think this pop up is a Trojan which is why I’m so annoyed and full of stress as I have only had this laptop for 8 or so months

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