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Fake Antivirus Spreading Via Yahoo! Answers

Bkis has reported that they are finding new variants of FakeAV, which is malware pretending to be an antivirus product, spreading via Yahoo! Answers.

The problem is not just via the large Q&A sites, but via forums and social media platforms.

The “answers” take the form of “Anyway, I think this will help you”, amongst others, where the link will take you to a fake Yahoo! Answers themed site, which will try to get users to download the fake antivirus program, by trying to tempt users to download “the answer”. If you’ve done this already: you are infected.

The fake antivirus will present a warning, if run, that you have many infections, which you can then “fix” (for a fee).

Keep yourself safe by being careful, always observe these guidelines:

  1. Never download anything you’ve never heard of before
  2. Check linked URLs are actually going where you expect them to
  3. Just because the site “looks” okay, doesn’t mean it is.
  4. Install only well-known antivirus and respected anti-spyware products.
  5. If in any doubt, don’t download.
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