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FBI Malware Scam

FBI malware

Scammers and spammers are a resourceful lot. Hot on the heals of headline-focused spam, a new email malware campaign has been reported by Help Net Security as doing the rounds.

Purporting to be an email from the FBI, stating your IP address has been logged at over 40 illegal websites, scammers are running a campaign where they send an attachment to an email that they state is an FBI questionnaire. Obviously, it’s not, but a malicious downloader, that will insert a backdoor on your PC to facilitate downloading of further malware, such as keyloggers and spyware.

Remember the following, to stay safe online:

  1. Law enforcement is likely to contact you via either letter or send an officer around to your door. It is highly unlikely they will send you an email.
  2. Your ISP might send you an email if you’ve been up to no good online, but if they are convinced you’ve been doing something illegal, they are more likely to cut you off under their terms of service, and send you a letter too.
  3. If you receive an email from any unexpected source, treat it with extreme caution.
  4. If you believe an email is from a legitimate source, you can always double-check by contacting the source via telephone – using a validated telephone number, not one that might be provided in the email.
  5. Finally, always run up-to-date antivirus software and anti-spyware software, and a reliable anti-spam solution.

A little common sense, and not opening unexpected attachments (from known or unknown sources) in your email will help you keep safe from the spammers and scammers.

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