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How to Remove Mac Defender Malware

Mac Malware

After it was leaked that Apple staff had virtually been ordered to not even acknowledge the latest Mac Malware, finally Apple have issued a knowledge base article on how to avoid or remove the malware.

The malware, which has proliferated and changed names over the past several days, is currently known to be called either MacDefender, MacProtector or MacSecurity.

Apple have stated in the knowledge base article that they will issue a Mac OS X update in the coming days to render the problem obsolete, by issuing a patch that will detect and delete Mac Defender and its variants.

Follow these simple steps to avoid being infected in the first place:

  1. If you see a warning on a website that you have been infected, quit your browser immediately
  2. If a download has already been instigated, simply DO NOT enter your password when prompted to do so.
  3. Delete the download from your downloads folder, by dragging it to trash.
  4. Now empty your trash.

Please read the full knowledge base article to find out how to delete this malware if you have already been compromised.

As always, be careful when browsing, and be mindful of any unexpected prompts for your administrative password. Normal operation of your Mac when not installing software or mounting a network drive does NOT require you to enter your password.

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