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Java Trojan in the Wild

Java Trojan

McAfee, via Help Net Security, have reported that they have seen cross-platform malware in the form of a Java Trojan they have named IcognitoRAT, which targets and attacks both Windows and Mac OS users.

The Trojan is installed by another component, and was originally created as a Windows exploit, using the JarToExe utility.

Once the .jar file is converted, it is executed and downloads a number of Java-based utilities, which in turn are executed, and turns the system into part of a botnet, which the botnet herder is able to use to control the mouse, keyboard and any camera that may be installed. Any information stolen is sent to a predefined email account.

Although informational sources on the botnet underground suggest the malware can be used on both Windows and Mac (with control software available for iPhone / iPad as well), currently the in-the-wild version has only been seen working on the Windows platform.

We strongly recommend that users run an up-to-date class-leading antivirus and anti-spyware products to keep their computers safe.

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