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Malvertisement Risk Increases

Malware Risk

Malvertisements, advertisements that help distribute malware, are on the increase, according to an updated report by Dasient.

A staggering 1.2 million websites across the internet were infected, with over 3 million malvertising impressions per day in Q4 2010, vs 1.5 million per day in Q3 2010.

Dasient calculate that the probability of an average internet user hitting an infected page is 95% over a three month period of web browsing.

As usual, the biggest risk factor in this type of malware risk vector is not having an up-to-date antivirus solution on your computer.

Some key facts at a glance:

  1. Top attacker domain: (a free DNS forwarding service)
  2. Top attacking approach: distribution via social media networks
  3. Increased Risk Quarter on Quarter: 100%

Users are recommended to remain ultra-vigilent in their web browsing and to keep their system patched and their security software licensed and always updated.

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