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Malware Authors Target Mobile Users

Mobile Malware

Unlike some large corporate websites, malware authors have got into the act of providing mobile friendly web pages and sites.

The prevalence of malware targeting mobile users, particularly on the Android platform, is on the increase, though SMS, clicker and fake checkouts in mobile optimise formats are also of concern.

According to this report from Help Net Security, there has been a particular push from the fake online pharmacy “market” to target mobile users.

Things you really need to consider when undertaking purchases from a mobile device:

  1. Some applications use their own in-app browser rather than taking you to the mobile browser built-in to the device; this hides the web URL, and can put you at risk of being on a fake payment site. Always use a browser when you can see the URL you are visiting.
  2. Consider if you even want to make purchases from a mobile device – it might be better to use the mobile device to check out sites while on-the-go, but make any purchases from your desktop machine, where you have security software running to help protect you.
  3. ONLY ever make purchase where you KNOW the brand, and are sure it is not a fake.
  4. Don’t click on offers, particularly pharmacy offers, in your mobile device’s email application.
  5. As ever, stay vigilant to scams – sounds too good to be true? It is.

Let us know in the comments if you have been affected by fake online shopping so we can tell SPAMfighter users all about it, but most of all, please be careful where you point your mobile browser.

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