Another day, another acronym to remember. This one is important, though, as the prevalence of SEP is on the increase. Security firm Imperva released a report on search engine poisoning, which, in summary, is a manipulation of search engine result, …

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A clever exfiltration technique was specifically targeted at Microsoft Hotmail users, though Microsoft has already patched the exploit which could be triggered simply by opening a message.

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VirusTotal has become the latest well-known website to have a fake version put up by hackers wishing to infect you with a drive-by exploit that will turn your computer into a zombie as part of a botnet.

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Apple finally come clean on the Mac Defender Malware issue, and release both a Knowledge Base article and a promise to detect and remove in the next OS X update.

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With security companies seeing the highest malware samples per day ever (at around 73,000 samples per day), one particular thing to look out for is fake antivirus offerings.

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