QR codes could be a spam or malware threat, so be careful when you use them.

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Mobile users are fast becoming the new target of choice for malware authors – but not just malware. Fake ecommerce sites will gladly take your personal information too, increasing your chance of identity fraud, or your bank accounts coming under attack.

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Malvertisements, the use of advertising services and links to infect users with malware, have seen a substantial increase quarter on quarter (Q3 2010 vs Q4 2010), with a new report from Dasient showing a 100% increase in attacks during the final quarters of last year.

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The announcement of Charlie Sheen’s death has been greatly exaggerated by scammers, to get you to click on a link that exposes you to a potential click-jacking scam. Care should always be taken when receiving links via social media sites, even from people you know and trust.

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Twitter crime is on the increase according to a new report from Barracuda labs which analysed 26 million twitter accounts. All is not lost, however, and you should never let the bad guys win. Here’s a simple six step guide to staying safe on twitter.

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