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Zeus Source Code Leaked

Back in February, the infamous Zeus Trojan source code was known to be made available on underground hacking and tools forums. At that time the cost of the code was around $100,000. Several weeks later, the price was just $5000. Now it’s available for free.

Peter Kruse broke the story on the CSIS blog, with InfoSecurity (UK) following up more in-depth two days later. So what’s the story, and why is it important?

The Zeus/Zbot Trojan is considered one of the most prevalent banking Trojan threats, and with the source code now readily and freely available, users should expect to see more and more variants of this malware over the coming months ahead, as groups and individuals reconfigure and enhance this crime kit “product”.

The upside of the source code release is that anti-malware vendors can now take a closer look themselves, and hopefully write better detection signatures and behaviour blockers. Users are, therefore, strongly recommended to keep their anti-malware solutions fully up-to-date and licensed.

We’ll try to keep you updated on any developments from the availability of this source code.

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