By now, most users are fully aware that support for Windows XP is coming to an end on April 9.  Microsoft currently has plans to continue releasing anti-malware updates until then but will not release general bug fixes, so any potential vulnerabilities will not be taken care of.

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We’re not all computer experts that spend hours configuring and optimzing their PCs. However some small tweaks here and there can greatly improve the quality of your time on the computer. 

3 Great Keyboard Shortcuts for your PC


keyboard shortcuts for pc

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Let’s start with a question. How often to you apply fix packs to your Exchange Server?

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Windows XP countdown clock2014 and specifically April 9 marks the date when Windows XP will receive no support from Microsoft. It’s sort of a sad goodbye. XP was originally launched in 2001 and Windows XP is Microsoft’s to this date the most successful and popular operating system.

The time is ticking however and an era is coming to an end. We say goodbye with our Windows XP Countdown Clock

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Happy new year everybody! Just a short notice of the first scam we are seeing in 2014 and the year starts off with a fake Google New Year promotion scam.

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