For over 4 years now, I’ve operated a popular message board about credit cards. But during that entire time, I’ve never seen more complaints posted about credit card phishing scams than I have during the past year. Criminals are getting more …

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Today our spam filters are flodded with diet spam piggybacking on celebrity Oprah Winfrey and magazine WomensHealth. They’re sent from someone calling themselves iIdealBody and it is surely spam and phishing!

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Happy new year everybody! Just a short notice of the first scam we are seeing in 2014 and the year starts off with a fake Google New Year promotion scam.

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A virtual war is going on. Companies and users are each day fighting to keep away millions and billions of potential threats. Huge amounts of money and time are being spent to secure corporations and individuals from being infected by …

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Just a short note and warning from your favorite anti spam team. If you are a Google Adwords advertisers or have just received a strange mail presumably from The Google Adwords Team then read on. If not then happy surfing the …

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