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Fake Google New Year promotion

Happy new year everybody! Just a short notice of the first scam we are seeing in 2014 and the year starts off with a fake Google New Year promotion scam.

The spam mail below is supposedly from Sergey Brin –  one the founders of Google – who suddenly seems to have taken a minor role within the search giant as “Claims Administrator”. The good news he brings is a bank draft of no less than £950.000.00 British Pounds which most likely will cover a great chunk of the money you spent of Christmas gifts.


The mail holds a PDF file where you are asked to hand out some rather personal information like your bank account number and address. Stay away from this one! It is of cource a classic case of phishing.
This is by no means the first time the bad guys tries to piggyback on the name of Google and the “Fake Google New Year promotion” angle is not new either. We previously covered the fake Google Adwords Top Account scam and it cannot be said to many times. Stay away from mails looking suspicious and too good to be true!

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