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Your Google AdWords Campaign has successfully.. Scam

Just a short note and warning from your favorite anti spam team. If you are a Google Adwords advertisers or have just received a strange mail presumably from The Google Adwords Team then read on. If not then happy surfing the net!

There is a major scam targetting Google Adwords advertising right now. A spam mail with the subject  field “Google AdWords Top Accounts” presumably stating that “Your Google Adwords Campaign has successfully been integrated in Adwords Top Accounts” is currently in our spam filters and there are quite a lot of them.

Normally spammers are mostly pumping & dumping spam all over the place but in this case though we are not yet sure whether they are primarily targetting Google Adwords advertisers or doing their usual spamming all over the place routines. It should be pretty easy for scammers to directly target Google advertisers and offer them a Google AdWords Top Account.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the Google Adwords spam mail which by the way has the sender name Google AdWords <>

google adwords scam mail

At first site it looks very plausible (apart from the spelling error in “advange” !).  Some of the text “The Google Adwords Team” and the footer seems to be directly replicated from official Google Adwords e-mails.  The text “If you want to take advange of this incredible new Campaign Tool” do seem a bit strange though. The copywriting guys at Google would never come up with such stuff.

But Google Adwords do send a lot of mails to their advertisers announcing changes and new features so this mail might easily trick someone.  Also the “Google Adwords Top Account” status  bait  could be very tempting and some Google Adwords advertisers might be tempted to click the links and learn about that!

Looking closely at the links in this mail you will however notice they contain a strange domain which clearly is not affiliated with Google. And as far as we know there is no such thing as a Google AdWords Top Account. So it is clearly a scam.

So another reason to warn everybody to look out for phishing attempts!

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  1. John says:

    Thank you. I just got the mail and did not opt for the Google top account

  2. Anonymous says:

    can u help us we have a virus! and im locked out of all (i think) of my email addresses ive got some kinda shit goin on a big blue screen in the middle of my screen keeps coming up at faster and more frquent intervals going from 67% to 70 % please can you help me

  3. Kim Falkner says:

    The last comment is not related to the Google Adwords scam and do like spam but the usual OK Word Press spam filter did not alert here so i will give it a go. I have no idea what the heck is happening on your computer. Based on what you write i would probably reinstall it. Sorry not able to help more.

  4. Heinrich Zettler says:

    This almost got me. Being an experient Google Adwords advertiser it seemed very interesting and the mail looked OK . Thank you for the warning. By googling the subject line i landed here and the scam did not trick me.

  5. Charles Thalman says:

    I am currently getting the AdWords spam on my Apple iphone 4s when I access my gmail via my phone. I figured it was a ruse for something not so friendly. My problem is that no matter how many times I delete the email without clicking on anything in the email, it comes right back in about 30 minutes. Not getting it via my other two computers or an android tablet. How do I get this thing off my phone email coming from gmail? Any ideas?

  6. Kim Falkner says:

    Hi Charles

    I’m not an expert on Android but i would advice you to remove the mail account on your Android and then set it up again. I have seen mail accounts out-of-sync on other devices before.

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