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IIdealBody spam and phishing – Lose every excessive Pound and stay slender!

Today our spam filters are flodded with diet spam piggybacking on celebrity Oprah Winfrey and magazine WomensHealth. They’re sent from someone calling themselves iIdealBody and it is surely spam and phishing! The spam mail is rather simple and holds text like this:

Lose every excessive Pound and stay slender!

Modern science gives us more hope every day. This time we have good news for overweight-patients. If your will is not strong enough for getting slenderer with right nutrition and spots, use a brand new legal formula that does all sorts of dirty work in your body for you when you sleep, enjoy a meal or watch your favorite TV series.

Try our Special offer

There are a lot of variations though. The special offer links leads to a page which at first sight looks very professionel but it should cheat anyone who knows the basic stuff of phishing sites. So after making sure my antivirus software was working i entered the site!

Ildeal spam

As always you should never actually visit such pages but if you by accident land on such a page there are some simple typical stuff you should look out for:

1) The URL is the site looks odd and unrelated to IldealBody. Notice how the site resides on a russian .ru domain. 


2) All links seems to point at the same page. Even the link to privacy policy! If you hoover your mouse over links on the page you will notice they all point to the same page. Scammers are often very lazy here and just wants you to visit a page where they can obtain your credit card number or other personal information.Ildeal-spam-url

If you choose to enter your credit card on such a page your are definately not “Lose every excessive Pound and stay slender!” but lose a lot of money. So as always make sure you have antivirus software and a spam filter installed.

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