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Phishing Scams Exploit New Zealand Earthquake

Earthquake Phishing Scam

As has become normal in phishing scams, scammers are using their usual social engineering skills to exploit a natural disaster.

As reported by Help Net Security, a lot of rogue “donation” sites are trying their best to get you to give generously; to the scammers.

Things to watch out for:

  1. The site is not one you’ve heard of before
  2. The site asks for a LOT of additional information that you might feel uncomfortable giving
  3. Never give out your social security number, not specific bank account details; always use a credit card
  4. Never give out your credit card pin number. Ever.
  5. Don’t give to third-party sites that say they’ll pass your money on to bigger charities – instead give directly to the well-known charity.
  6. If you feel you’ve already made a mistake, inform your bank immediately, getting your cards stopped.

As ever, use common sense, and it it looks at all suspicious, then in probably is.

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