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Cyber-criminals Shifting Focus to Non-Windows Systems

Different Operating Systems

In cisco’s 2010 Annual Security Report [PDF], a major turning point has been highlighted, which shows, for the first time, scammers and cyber-criminals are shifting focus away from Windows PCs and turning their attention to other operating systems and device types.

The report, that should be required reading for all information security professionals, provides the following key highlights:

  1. While 2010 saw the first ever decline in spam volumes, users are still falling prey to an ever growing number of scams and socially engineered fake offerings.
  2. Users still place too much trust in online “vendors” they do not know.
  3. While PC vendors and software makers (including antivirus, anti-spam and anti-spyware programs) have raised their game, and operating systems have been hardened, they still remain inherently exploitable, due to users allowing access at “admin” levels on the device.
  4. With the effort to harden PCs, scammers and criminals have been drawn to exploiting other devices, for which their remains less security software and exploits are relatively less known, including smart phones, tablet devices and other mobile devices.

The full report is linked above and makes an interesting read on the potential direction of threats over the year ahead.

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