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Is your exchange spam filter not working? Solve the problem!

Unfortunately, spam is still a terrible nuisance. When your exchange spam filter is not working, you realize how much so. If you’re in the admin chair, you’re not only bombarded with the unwanted e-mails in your own inbox when the exchange spam filter is not working, but you’re also bombarded with the frustration of the users you serve.

You definitely want your exchange spam filter to start working again as soon as possible.
When you have overcome the immediate crisis, you can sit down and think how helpful a quality spam filter would be. No one can guarantee that you can avoid situations where your exchange spam filter is not working, but you want the most stable solution you can find.

Microsoft has announced that their own Forefront exchange spam filter will be discontinued and will stop working during the next year. That means their integrated solution is no longer a viable alternative. SPAMfighter Exchange Module is tailor made to the MS exchange servers and the Small Business Servers. The seamless integration reduces the risk that your exchange spam filter is not working.

When you or your users experience that your current exchange spam filter is not working, it can be a question of mere disappointment. If you expected to spend less time handling irrelevant e-mails, and still have to block more than half the spam yourself, I’d also ask myself: Is my exchange spam filter not working at all? You allow a foreign system to handle a crucial element of your business for you, so you’re right to expect a better result. The time you spend bug fixing or configuring, when an exchange spam filter is not working, could have been spent doing valuable work. Not to mention the risk of losing real e-mails with business opportunities to an overly aggressive spam filter!

With most people using a smartphone you want to make sure your anti spam solution is set up properly to prevent the spam from reaching the flexible employees and flooding their smartphone. Today, if your exchange spam filter is not working with smartphones, it’s practically worthless.

SPAMfighter Exchange Module is set up in mere minutes, so you can start testing it for free for 30 days. We have nothing to hide, so naturally you get to test the full version to get a proper idea of how our awarded anti spam engine is working and how our exchange spam filter is not working.

Read more about the valuable features of our exchange spam filter that will sort incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails within your business and can help improve your e-mail reputation.

If you’re ready to try SPAMfighter Exchange Module, feel free to download it here

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