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FULL-DISKfighter Launched

We are very pleased to announce today the release of our latest product; FULL-DISKfighter.

FULL-DISKfighter is the second of our utility products (SLOW-PCfighter was the first) that helps you to keep your computer running in tip-top condition.

Key Features at a glance

  1. Auto and manual scanning of your system: to find and remove redundant files and install “left-overs”.
  2. Scanning for duplicate files: we all copy files, rename them and leave duplicates all over our systems, our intelligent scanning technology helps to find them, and allows you complete control to delete duplicates, regaining valuable space on your hard drive – this is done irrespective of the file name of the file.
  3. Scanning for large files: so you can find out what is taking up the most space on your system, and decide if you want to keep it, or free up the space.
  4. Intelligent re-organising of your hard drive (super-defrag): to keep data and programs stored contiguously, and therefore your system running faster.

FULL-DISKfighter is available now and will scan your system for free, and fix the first 25 problems for free too. If you want full system fixes, you can purchase a license from our online store.


We’d love to get your feedback on this exciting new product. Please tell us what you think in the comments.

FULL-DISKfighter - Clean your hard disk in minutes

With FULL-DISKfighter you can clear your hard drive in a matter of minutes and regain your lost space. All file types are supported with FULL-DISKfighter. Try a free scan to see how much we can clean.

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