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Antivirus for Kindle – Does the Kindle Fire need an Antivirus app?

Amazon’s recent entry into the tablet space with the Kindle Fire (not counting their e-readers) has been drawing a huge amount of attention from consumers and the media, and rightfully so. Amazon has been able to deliver an Android powered tablet device at a very attractive $199 price point, $300 cheaper than the base model iPad (though it should be noted that the iPad has a larger screen and more storage space), and still cheaper than comparable Android devices such as the B&N Nook and HTC Flyer.  While Amazon continues to keep their sales figures a secret, analysts are speculating that as many as 5 to 6 million Kindle Fires were sold last quarter making it by far the best selling Android powered tablet to date.

Amazon-App-StoreWhat many consumers don’t know is that they’ve purchased an Android device as Amazon has gone through great lengths to deliver a custom OS and an integrated Amazon experience with direct hooks to their Kindle bookstore and Amazon Appstore.  In fact, Amazon has blocked access to Play Market altogether forcing users to get their app fix from the Amazon Appstore.  

With the continued growth of the Android platform and the widening landscape of Android powered devices, the necessity of Android and Kindle antivirus or security solutions for devices running the open operating system has been a topic of debate.  An alarming study by suggests that the free antivirus apps (at the time of writing) are “near to useless”.  Our goal at SPAMfighter continues to be nothing less than delivery the best security and utility products for PC users, and more recently, Android and Mac users as well.  As you may have heard, we recently launched our first app for Android devices, VIRUSfighter Android, as our answer to the question at hand is an unequivocal “yes”.  If you want your device to be secure from viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats, an antivirus app for Android or Kindle is needed.  Furthermore, VIRUSfighter Android is available in Play Market and Amazon Appstore for FREE for a limited time.  

For our first release, our product team made a decision to focus research and development on the core functionality of the app, rather than feature bloat, in order to ensure the highest virus and malware detection rates in the industry (our calculations put us in the top 3, paid or free). VIRUSfighter Android has been designed to be lightweight, fast, and easy to use.  In addition, virus signatures are updated up to a couple time a day.

We have some great new features in the pipeline so stay tuned for updates and make sure to download VIRUSfighter Android now while it’s still free!  

So we think Kindle antivirus is definately import. Get it here in Play market or Amazon store for Kindle!

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