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The launch of SLOW-PCfighter 2 was a success!

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We recently released the new version of our registry cleaner SLOW-PCfighter with a discounted launch for some of our existing customers. We’re proud to say it went beyond our imagination.

A big win

After only 5½ days we sold all 6,000 licenses and found over 6,000,000 errors. Numbers we’re proud of even though this is not our signature software. Thank you to everyone who participated.

SLOW-PCfighter 2 launch


A small setback

Unfortunately not everything went entirely smoothly during these 5½ days as our internal mail database had a glitch that didn’t allow for unsubscribing to our newsletter. This resulted in a couple of thousands erroneously sent mails. We quickly fixed the situation but at least 2 newsletters went out to people not subscribed to our mailing list, which we apologize.

What’s next?

With the launch of SLOW-PCfighter 2 (which we spent 3 years developing) we’re looking to improve some of our other software products and add more functions to help you fight the fight against poor performing computers.

Try it yourself

Want to see how many errors you can find with the new SLOW-PCfighter 2? Try a free scan and see what SLOW-PCfighter 2 can do for you and your computer:

See more and download your copy here.

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