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Sega Hacked

Sega Hacked

After all of the repeated hacks on Sony, and particularly the high profile attack on the PlayStation Network, hackers appear to have turned their attention to Sega, who have now confirmed that they were not only attacked, but up to 1.3 million accounts have been compromised after one of their databases were breached.

While the breach was obviously serious, in this instance, only emails addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were revealed, and spotted quickly by Sega, who isolated the breach and database information quickly, with users informed quickly. No payment / credit card information was revealed in the breach, as Sega uses a third-party provider to process payments, and so the data is not stored by the company.

According to Help Net Security, LulzSec, who would usually take the blame these days in this type of exploit – even if it had nothing to do with the collective, have explicitly denied involvement in the hack, and have even offered to help Sega in “destroying” those responsible.

The company has warned users to be careful of Phishing attacks that might use the compromised data, and to change their passwords.

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