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VIRUSfighter & SPYWAREfighter Updated

After over nine months in development, we are pleased to announce the latest release of VIRUSfighter, both Pro and Server and SPYWAREfighter Pro.

In this version:

  1. We’ve redesigned the UI to aid your use, and give it a spruce
  2. We’ve speeded up the engine, making it both faster and more stable
  3. Added Outlook integration, so now you scan your email attachments for malware as they download
  4. And, of course, we’ve tidied up some bugs to make our products better.

It’s been a mammoth undertaking, from all of our teams to get us here. We hope you like the new and improved VIRUSfighter and SPYWAREfighter and, as always, we’d be keen to get your feedback in the comments section, below.

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About Justin Bellinger

Justin is an experienced software professional, having worked in software and software security for nearly 20 years. Justin is VP of Security Products at SPAMfighter.
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