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Windows XP Countdown Clock


Windows XP countdown clock2014 and specifically April 9 marks the date when Windows XP will receive no support from Microsoft. It’s sort of a sad goodbye. XP was originally launched in 2001 and Windows XP is Microsoft’s to this date the most successful and popular operating system.

The time is ticking however and an era is coming to an end. We say goodbye with our Windows XP Countdown Clock

The Windows XP Countdown Clock:

count-down-clockMicrosoft tried to have users update to Microsoft Vista but that OS was never a success. But Windows 7 and 8 have gained more users and have overtaken XP although there is still a debate on Windows 8 and the dreaded tile interface.

The scary situation is that 30% of Windows users are still using Windows XP according to several studies. That could be some 500 million computers and it is very unlikely they will all turn to Windows 7 or 8 before April due to software incompatibility issues, lack of necessary hardware or the simple fact that many people simply can’t afford or won’t spend on new PC right now. 

What’s the fuzz and what does this means for me as XP user?

1. There will be no Windows updates with fixes. So no patch Tuesday with long lists of updates and possible restarts. That would leave you vulnerable to malware and hacking. You are practically on your own without the backing of Microsoft anymore.

2. Microsoft Security Essentials will not get updates and cannot be installed. So if you are using that for antivirus it will be practically worthless. Try our VIRUSfighter if you are sticking with Windows XP. 

3. Some of your other software might not be patched as well if the software producers decide to drop Windows XP as well. Note that we do not have any plans for stopping XP support for all of our PC products.

End of XP support and Spam?

A side effect of the end of XP may also be a lot of spam promoting illegal software. That could be fake offers for Windows 7 or 8 at ridiculous prices or mails may even lead you onto pages “helping” you upgrade or offering support. We’ve previously discovered an influx of spam closely related to the release of new versions of Windows. So why not the same when support of XP ends?


Microsoft recently announced that antimalware signatures will be released for Microsoft Security Essentials until July 2015. They probably realize that a lot of PC’s will not meet the upgrade deadline in April 2014 and went for prolonging the period. Mind you – still no support for XP or bugfixes after April. We can’t formulate it better than they do on their blog own Microsoft: “Our research shows that the effectiveness of antimalware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited” 

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