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Considered as the most rampant and popular game, Angry Birds became the latest lure used by hackers to circulate malware. Needless to say online success attracts online hackers as well. A famous website selling “Angry Birds” gets hacked and loaded …

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Small businesses are now being routinely targeted by crimeware and hackers, because, unlike their fortune 500 brethren, the SME/SMB sector has little budget and little to no expertise in protecting themselves against hackers and crimeware authors. Read the full article to follow our ten step plan to improving your businesses computer security.

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Rootkits are particularly nasty pieces of malware that can not only compromise your computer, but will hide their tracks, so detection and removal becomes particularly difficult. The Win32:Popureb.E variant is a good case in point, after admission by Microsoft that not only will you need to do a complete OS reinstall to get rid of this nasty bootkit, but you will need to fix your master boot record before doing so; something that may be beyond the capabilities of novice users.

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Russia has become the new number one in sending out malware via spam, but simple common sense, backed-up with great security software can keep you safe.

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Keeping your system up-to-date and fully patched with the latest security updates is an important step in to stopping the spread of malware, and Adobe’s Flash is a very good case-in-point, which has become a victim of its own success.

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