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With security companies seeing the highest malware samples per day ever (at around 73,000 samples per day), one particular thing to look out for is fake antivirus offerings.

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The Zeus / Zbot Trojan source code has been made available to underground malware / hacking groups, which means we are likely to see more of this prevalent crime kit over the coming months. Users are strongly advised to keep their anti-malware solutions licensed and up to date.

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New Java Trojan IncognitoRAT see in-the-wild. A new Java-based Trojan has been seen in the wild, and though it has the ability to run cross-platform, it has only been seen on the Windows platform at this time, exploited via the JarToExe utility.

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QR codes could be a spam or malware threat, so be careful when you use them.

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Users many times face error messages on their PC which are often ignored. These messages are a pointer to the malfunctioning of a computer and after finding them on screen a user should immediately take an action to fix the problem.

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