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Malvertisements, the use of advertising services and links to infect users with malware, have seen a substantial increase quarter on quarter (Q3 2010 vs Q4 2010), with a new report from Dasient showing a 100% increase in attacks during the final quarters of last year.

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Twitter crime is on the increase according to a new report from Barracuda labs which analysed 26 million twitter accounts. All is not lost, however, and you should never let the bad guys win. Here’s a simple six step guide to staying safe on twitter.

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In-the-wild malware has been found that targets Android devices, attempts to get root access and download further exploit code.

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Fake internet pornography sites are still the best way to get infected by malware online – but a user can take some simple precautions to protect themselves. Read the full article to find out how…

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Free offers via social media sites, particularly twitter, for free iPads and iPhones are most likely going to be a scam that harnesses the power of desirable devices, aided by the use of URL shortening to hide the final destination of the website. Care must be taken to avoid such scams and clicking on links to avoid virus and spyware infections.

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