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Windows 7 computers will no longer remain slow if memory is expanded via the disabling of hibernate and the deletion of ‘hiberfil.sys’. One of the reasons attributed to a slow Windows 7 PC is less amount of memory. And when …

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Unnecessary programs are a general cause of a slow computer. By removing these, a user can get a faster computer. Are you experiencing a computer which is near its death? The reason behind it may be your hard disk which …

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Users should not ignore the clicking sound of their computer as it may lead to the failure of hard drive!  A clicking sound from the hard drive of a computer is usually considered as a negative indication. This can be …

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Users many times face error messages on their PC which are often ignored. These messages are a pointer to the malfunctioning of a computer and after finding them on screen a user should immediately take an action to fix the problem.

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SPAMfighter is looking for technology bloggers to review and host a giveaway for our newly released software, FULL-DISKfighter. This software helps PC users quickly and easily deletes unwanted junk files that weigh down computer performance, improving overall performance and stability.

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