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Nigerian email scams are amongst the oldest tricks in the book. You have likely received emails from strange characters offering you US $50 million in return for assistance with a bank transfer or helping with safe passage of a dictator’s …

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The Osama spam continues, this time with a Google Earth theme to see Osama’s mansion, but with the added surprise: this time you’ll be asked to pay for the usually free Google Earth. It’s a scam – don’t pay for it, you can always download Google Earth for free, direct from Google.

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A new report from cisco, The 2010 Annual Security Report, highlights the changing shift in focus of scammers and cyber-criminals away from Windows-based PCs towards other vulnerable devices, such as smart phone, tablet computers and other mobile devices. It should be required reading for all of those who have an interest in keeping their data safe and secure.

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It is tax filing time, so extra care should be taken about who you give your details to.

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