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Android malware has increased in prevalence by 400% (June 2010 vs January 2011) which highlights the need for better solutions and policies to help make these devices safer on the network, according to new research published by Juniper Networks.

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Free offers via social media sites, particularly twitter, for free iPads and iPhones are most likely going to be a scam that harnesses the power of desirable devices, aided by the use of URL shortening to hide the final destination of the website. Care must be taken to avoid such scams and clicking on links to avoid virus and spyware infections.

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A new report from cisco, The 2010 Annual Security Report, highlights the changing shift in focus of scammers and cyber-criminals away from Windows-based PCs towards other vulnerable devices, such as smart phone, tablet computers and other mobile devices. It should be required reading for all of those who have an interest in keeping their data safe and secure.

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Wikileaks could happen to anyone and any business. But access to data is controlled by YOU, and if you follow our top fifteen things to do to keep you and your data safe, you will make it much harder for someone to access your sensitive information.

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Phishing Attacks are on the increase, with the biggest month-on-month increase so far, according to a recent report. Keep your system and your irreplaceable data protected.

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