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From time to time we ask our SPAMfighter community some interesting questions about computer usage, the Internet, computer security, spam and other stuff we find interesting. Yes, our team does consist of a couple people with fancy degrees in behavioural …

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To all of you who have yet to purchase FULL-DISKfighter or SLOW-PCfighter, or know of a friend or family member whose PC could benefit from a cleansing, now would be a good time to check out this bundle deal brought …

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With Blizzard’s latest expansion in the World of Warcraft series, gamers are yet again introduced to an increase in the minimum system requirements for what many consider to be minor to non-existent upgrade in its graphics engine.  To those of …

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Adware infects a user’s PC, making it miserably slow. To save your PC from such malicious software, user needs to follow the steps given below.

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Computers need regular maintenance in order to perform well. Following are some simple tips which will help the user to get rid of a slow computer and improve its performance.

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