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With the popularity of Android on the continued rise, the number of malware infected apps have increased as well, and while malevolent software is still mostly infecting traditional computers, mobile device owners now have to accept the fact that it …

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New Java Trojan IncognitoRAT see in-the-wild. A new Java-based Trojan has been seen in the wild, and though it has the ability to run cross-platform, it has only been seen on the Windows platform at this time, exploited via the JarToExe utility.

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Spotify users have been infected by Malvertising, resulting in the service having to temporarily disable third-party serviced adverts.

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Adware infects a user’s PC, making it miserably slow. To save your PC from such malicious software, user needs to follow the steps given below.

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Peer-to-peer (p2p) networks are an increasing threat of malware infections to incautious users.

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