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We are very pleased to announce that VIRUSfighter, SPYWAREfighter and VIRUSfighter Server are now certified by OPSWAT in the bronze category. The company SPAMfighter is now officially also OPSWAT Certified Partner.

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With the popularity of Android on the continued rise, the number of malware infected apps have increased as well, and while malevolent software is still mostly infecting traditional computers, mobile device owners now have to accept the fact that it …

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SPAMfighter ApS Launched VIRUSfighter Android to protect your Android device(s) from the latest threats.

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From time to time we ask our SPAMfighter community some interesting questions about computer usage, the Internet, computer security, spam and other stuff we find interesting. Yes, our team does consist of a couple people with fancy degrees in behavioural …

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Rootkits are particularly nasty pieces of malware that can not only compromise your computer, but will hide their tracks, so detection and removal becomes particularly difficult. The Win32:Popureb.E variant is a good case in point, after admission by Microsoft that not only will you need to do a complete OS reinstall to get rid of this nasty bootkit, but you will need to fix your master boot record before doing so; something that may be beyond the capabilities of novice users.

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