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3 x 3 small tips for a better computer experience

We’re not all computer experts that spend hours configuring and optimzing their PCs. However some small tweaks here and there can greatly improve the quality of your time on the computer. 

3 Great Keyboard Shortcuts for your PC


keyboard shortcuts for pc

Delete an entire word
Instead of wasting time pressing the Backspace button simply press the Ctrl + Backspace button and the entire word behind the cursor is deleted.

Open Windows Task Manager directly
Most people when having a computer that’s crashing will press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and then click Start Task Manager. Instead just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to go directly to Task Manager.

Minimize all windows
A quick way to close all your open windows to avoid getting caught or just want to see your desktop you can press the Windows ( ) + D button.

3 Free Ways to Speed up your PC


disk defragmentation pc

Clear Internet Data
When you browse your computer will automatically gather small pieces of information from every site you visit. Over time this can build up to a lot of files and hard drive space. We suggest clearing this every few months. Go to Options in your Browser and in Privacy clear your recent history and cookies.

Disk Defragmentation
A great little program that comes with Windows is Disk Defragmenter. This organizes and arranges all the bits of data you have making it easy to be found and will give a boost to the speed of your PC. Just search for Disk Defragmenter on your PC and it will appear.

Remove unwanted programs
Over time your computer will have accumulated a lot of different programs, games and utilities. Go through them and find which ones you aren’t using anymore. Go to Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall a program and you will probably find at least a couple.

3 signs that you have a virus


signs of antivirus pc

Your computer is slowing down
Both starting up and general usage is taking a longer time than usual. This can be due to malicious code inserted to your PC. The perpetrators can use your computer’s computing power to perform activities online such as spamming and spreading viruses and spyware on other computers.

Popup windows
Playing Solitaire on your computer when suddenly a popup appears for a weight loss commercial? This might be an indicator that something is not right on your computer. If you’re browsing on the internet and more of these popup (even if you have a popup blocker) you might want to investigate.

Random website connections
Your machine is strangely taken to a different site than the one you searched for or your Home Page is set to another page than the one you’ve chosen is a good sign that something is not right. Sometimes this can just be an installed program that has changed this (i.e. you installed another browser). But be careful and look further.

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