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Defragmenting your Hard Drive Turns a Slow Computer Into a Fast Computer

Defragmentation of your hard drive is an effective tool to turn a slow computer into a fast computer, without getting assistance from a professional.

Most Windows computer users are aware that, at times, their fast computer runs more slowly due to disk fragmentation, so, disk fragmentation is not new to most of the Windows users, and can be an effective strategy to keep your computer running at top speed.

But before actually fixing this problem, one thing that users need to know is what is defrag and fragmentation. This can be simply explained as a process whereby the hard drive is divided into the contiguous bits of files and programs, so that entire files can be found with a minimum number of physical head-reads from the hard disk. Ideally, it would be great to do this when first installing software or saving a file, but the insertion and deletion of programs and files create fragmentation over time, as small segments are filled up with data, often where a single space for that data is not big enough to hold it, and therefore the data is written to several small spaces, resulting in fragmentation of data across the surface of the hard drive.

Over time, this will start to slow down a fast computer because, despite processor speed and memory, the computer will spend much of its time finding each and every component of programs and data on-disk, and the eventual speed of your computer will be down to how fast your hard drive can physically access the data. In such a situation, it is suggested a user conduct hard drive defragmentation. Depending on the size of your hard disk, this process can take some time, and will require that the computer is not used for other activities. It is, however, an ideal over-night task; but don’t forget to disable power-saving features, and turn off your screen saver.

While there is a built in utility for defrag in Windows itself, we strongly recommend using a third-party utility, and below we’ll show you how easy it is to perform with our FULL-DISKfighter product.

The process entails the software to first locate bits of the fragmented applications and data, and then attempt to place them in adjoining areas. The process will relocate lots of files, and due to the large amount of disk activity, will probably cause a lot of hard disk noise and for the computer’s fans to run, possibly more noisily than normal.

A defragmented hard drive will almost certainly run faster and you should observe that the programs are loading faster and performing more quickly.

To defragment your hard drive and make your computer faster again, users should follow the below steps.

First, install our newest product FULL-DISKfighter

Open FULL-DISKfighter – click on “Hard Disk Organizer”

Now click “Organize” and then finally click ok. (Pro version required)


This process is quite simple, and even a non-tech savvy person can perform this task and make your computer fast once again.

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

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