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Hard Disk Making Clicking Sounds: Beware Hard Disk Might Crash

Users should not ignore the clicking sound of their computer as it may lead to the failure of hard drive! 

A clicking sound from the hard drive of a computer is usually considered as a negative indication. This can be an indication of terrible hardware happenings and hence the users should immediately backup their hard drive.

Backing up of the hard drive is suggested because if this drive of the computer stops functioning, then the computer might even fail down completely. As a matter of fact, even if users are not facing any kind of problem, then also they should back up their hard drive for future safety.

The basic question that arises in every user’s mind is that what causes the hard drive to produce such sounds on a computer. Discussed below are some of the causes responsible for these tickling sounds and their probable solutions that may help users avoid the hard disk failure. These are:

Close up of a snail on a laptopHead Crash – Head Crash is one of the most probable causes behind these sounds. ‘Head Crash’ is basically a situation, whereby the disk platter gets physically damaged as a result of collision between the head of the hard disk and the surface of the disk. As a result, these tickling sounds are noticed on  your computer.

To solve this problem, users should first turn off their computer and do not try to power it up. Users should then immediately contact a data recovery firm and evade dismantling the disk to fix the problem on their own. This step is essential as operating the system without appropriate tools and a proper environment can further damage the fast computer, which further complicates the recovery procedure.

Virtual Memory Paging – When the physical memory of your PC is full, the hard drive might perform various virtual memory paging along with maintaining the system’s operation simultaneously. This leads to excessive disk activity on your computer.

To overcome this problem; users can augment the physical memory by adding extra RAM (Random Access Memory) into their systems. They can even use a secondary hard disk to have the swap files.

Bad Sectors – Usually, bad sectors are the physical damage of a span of disk area. These clicking sounds occur when the head tries to read from the same disk area many times because of unsuccessful efforts. Besides, this can occur when the head is incapable to adjust with the media servo tracks because of the steady deteriorating of the magnetic domains on the platter that sources the drive to reset incessantly.

In case if the condition of the disk is not too bad, then performing a disk surface scan is a standard process to effectively fix this problem. This process helps to spot all bad sectors and prevent the computer from writing new data on the already damaged areas.

Finally, if users care about their computer then should not leave the tickling sound of their hard drive unheard and unattended because if a system is healthy, then only it can work with high productivity and efficiency. 

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