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Fast Windows 7 with New Quickies

Windows 7 is the Microsoft’s latest operating system with upgraded and enhanced features. It is provided with quickies so that users can experience an effective and fast Windows 7.

Microsoft Windows has released its latest Windows 7. It is a series of operating systems used on personal computers, including laptops, home and business desktops, netbooks, media center PCs, and tablet PCs.

Windows 7 is specified to be user friendly and more focused on performance by rendering some quickies unlike its predecessors that introduced a number of new clumsy features.

Following are some of the best quickies in fast windows 7:

1.     Pin programs to the task bar

A user can use pinning in Windows 7 to make his system work even faster. One of the finest improvements is the ability to control and manage where to appear the user’s programs.

One should drag the icon where one wants it to be, and it’ll be there till the user moves it. Program icon can be pinned to the taskbar by a user, so it’s present there every time. User can even pin specific web sites and documents to Jump Lists on the taskbar of fast Windows 7. Each of the program icons pinned by a user can be opened by keyboard shortcuts by pressing the Windows key + 1 to 0.

2.   Live Taskbar Previews

In Windows Vista, a user can see thumbnail images of the files while hovering over a program on the taskbar.

In fast Windows 7, user can see actual images of all the open programs and files by pointing to a taskbar icon. To preview Windows full screen, one just needs to move mouse over the image. User can start working with the full screen image immediately after clicking on it. User can even save time by closing windows from the thumbnail previews.


3.   Fast windows 7 search results

Instant Search is also introduced by fast Windows 7. It helps a user easily locate e-mail messages, files and other items on the system.

Instant search helps a user to quickly search a file from the Start menu or other folders if he can identify its type, what it contained or when it was created. User is just required to type a file name into the Start menu search box. This will instantly show a list of relevant pictures, e-mail, documents and music on the PC. In fast Windows 7, results are grouped by category that contain text snippets and highlighted keywords to make them easier to scan.

Resize windows 7 quickly by using Snap

Snap is a fast new way to resize open windows in Windows 7. It can be done by simply dragging windows to the edges of the screen. Depending on the edge user chooses (left or right, top or bottom), Window will expand and fill the screen. One can also position Windows, side by side. Snap makes reading, comparing and organizing windows easier and better.

While running an installed AeroSnap, one can resize the window screen. Pulling a Window to the right edge of the screen resizes it to half of the screen on the right side whereas pulling it to the left resizes the window to the left half. Finally, pulling a window to the top of the monitor will maximize it.

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